Thursday, January 28, 2010

I just signed up for the RPM Challenge again.

RPM Challenge is an online deal where bands/musicians challenge themselves to write/record an album's worth of material during the month of February. Last year I did an instrumental solo disc under the name Red River Day Care. This year I will do the same but under my own name. Would like to press and self-release both as solo albums when I have the money, why the hell not?

Rearranged the garage the other day to set my drums back up. Nice to finally have the fire back. Last 2 months or so I have felt little to no inspiration to do anything creative. But now I feel that musical focus again, and it feels Goddamn good. Have about 4-5 solid song ideas so far, some of it a little ambitious musically. But fuck it, alot of the RRDC album was pretty musically ambitious. Bring it on.

Maggie Mae's w/ETB last night:

Went pretty well. We played great and feel strong. Pretty good crowd as well. Had some fun towards the end of set, played Green Diamond pt 1 as trippy as we possibly could, heh. Had a little band business meeting beforehand and better assembled out game plan. But we have been bumped to every OTHER Wednesday at Maggies. Will suck to lose the money, but let's be honest most of those shows have blown. Hopefully get some weekends there and not be playing several times a week for free. Have a huge push from the new album and CD release and need to capitalize on that.

ETB @ Friends, Monday night

Went OK. Decent crowd at times. Played pretty good. Meow.

Going to go play some drums and do some pre-production arranging. I should probably eat something too, but probably won't.

Full CD release recap w/pics coming soon, I swear.

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