Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ugh, wtf? Think I am falling into a funk.

Have things I could/should/NEED to do and don't feel like doing anything. Surprised I'm actually writing on this blog right now. Not only things I need to do today, but everything in general. Could be editing pics for 710 book, writing the rest of the King's X fall tour recap, writing about Thanksgiving with the Tessmers. Could be writing music, or just fiddling around with a guitar or bass (still no room for drums in garage yet). Should be eating something. Don't feel like doing any of it and haven't for awhile. But with what's going on in my life right now I try to cut myself some slack. Sometimes it helps, but not usually.

Anyway. ETB picked up a gig at Darwin's for tonight, so much for going out. Which is good, work is work. Saturday night might be cool. They have backline drums and bass rig so that will be nice as well. Haven't played there (if I have played there) since the Velvet Brick days, 2005-ish? We'll see how it goes.

Stayed the fuck in last night. Had been raining and 45 degrees all day. Got wet and muddy helping Richard (ETB drummer) grab the rest of the firewood from the soon-to-be-sold Casa G. Then followed him to Jonestown for a vocal rehearsal with Michael. Crappy drive in the rain, but it was a productive little session. Polished up some existing things and worked on some of the parts Michael worked out solo on the record for "Taildragger" and "Green Diamond pt 3". Cool shit. We'll be at the Music Lab Monday and Thursday 11am-3, in addition to gigs Mon/Wed/Thur/Fri before the CD release at Antone's on Sat the 23rd. Yeah, I think we will be well-rehearsed by then!

But then leaving Richard & Eric's place my van Goldie Hawn got stuck in the fucking mud in the driveway. Nice. For a half hour in the rain Richard shoveled gravel under my rear tires, shoved planks of plywood under them, pushed from the front. All to no avail. And every time my tires spun, gravity pulled me a little closer to Boss Hoss on my port side. Richard finally chained my trailer hitch to the front of his SUV and pulled me the fuck out. Almost backed into the SUV in the process and cleared Boss Hoss by about 2 inches. Then had to drive from Jonestown to south Austin at 5pm in the rain. Took more than an hour. So yeah, I did not feel like getting soggy and cold all over again, then driving home on rain-slicked streets with drunks on the road.

Might put up some posters today, Tessmer seems to have covered a lot of areas. Speak of the devil, just texted and asked that I put them up a few places down here. 6pm load in, 10pm set time. Guess I will be taking a dinner break.

Woke at 10:30, have had 2 cups of coffee w/cream. Ate a plate of spaghetti about 6:30pm yesterday. Was a little hungry earlier but now feel like I could go all day. Maybe that's why I feel like going back to sleep.

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