Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Earlier this week sat down at the kitchen table and noticed a single banana with a phone number written on it in Sharpie.

I'll get to the banana in a minute, cause whoops life got away from me yet again.

The Ocean of Stars set last Thursday was fucking AWESOME! Yeah it was loose but the fact that it happened and with the individuals involved, just wow. And so good to finally be doing SOMETHING with that music. Still need to call Adrian, Heather and JRAB to thank them again for taking the time to do that. Got lots of really really good feedback. Have yet to watch the video or listen to the recording from my 8 track. Real curious to see how it sounds.

Photos courtesy of Kristy Duff Wallace

Photos by Yours Truly

Looking For Bucho (Deanna and Jason from Velvet Brick)

Adrian and the Sickness

Adrian Conner rocks out Kristin Crowfire (Sabbath Crow)

Ironclad canceled that night, official statement was a last minute family obligation. Didn't put a damper on a great night of music tho. Was also great to see so many people I haven't seen in a long time.

Had a rare weekend off. Spent Friday night basically doing fuck all. Saturday night went out with some friends. Saw a not so good band at Dirty Dog. Walking down Red River found out Melvins were at Emo's. Shit. I need to do better recon for weekends off, tired of missing shit. And wish me and aforementioned friends had gone to that show instead. Would like that half-hour back from watching that other band. Still a fun night tho.

Sunday evening had an impromptu gathering/bbq for Mike's birthday. Small gathering of friends and family (my friends ARE family). Good times and great food. I'm a damn good bbq cook for not really knowing what the hell I'm doing other than keep the grill going and try not to burn shit. Good times with good people.

Here's where the banana comes in: so the banana has taken on a life of its own in the last week, that mystery phone number akin to the number sequence from 'Lost'. Long story short, the number was originally written on a paper plate who knows how long ago. Mike and Marcus (our houseguests from the band Mastery) had to use the plate but didn't want to discard the number, so they wrote it on something that wouldn't be absentmindedly thrown away. So they wrote it on a banana. Crazy fucking Canadians, heh.

Now the phone number has been popping up on weirder and weirder random objects around the house. We even sent a pic of the banana to the phone number it belongs to but no response. We don't know who it is. So anyway, at the BBQ Deanna's friend Erin comes outside with a tampon wrapper, hands it to Deanna and laughs "Look what I found!!!" A lady friend of mine wrote the number on one of D's aforementioned lady accessories and meant it for her, not knowing how long it would take to surface. But with perfect comedic timing it was found in a matter of days and in front of a bunch of people who would fully appreciate the humor in it. And it was most appreciated!

Good times with my weird friends, heh!

ETB last night at Friends was pretty good. Still tinkering with the Fulltone Bass Drive I recently bought. Not 100% liking it over the Big Muff clone I built but has some handy features. Still trying to dial it in. Thought about returning it and cloning it, but with both my guitar and bass wah-wah pedals acting up figure you can never have too many fully-functional pedals. Also last night Eric was filling me in on the new publicist he will be working with. Sounds like it could be huge for us. Awesome.

Tomorrow morning ETB on KLBJ morning show, bout 8:30am!!!


  1. Danny, I'd be curious to hear how you're using that bass drive once you get it all dialed in. I've been using one for a few years now and love it.

  2. Hey bro

    So far prefer the comp cut setting, as the other settings make the boost channel kinda useless. Having that extra oomph comes in handy the few songs I use a pick on.