Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tonight 10:30pm CDT on KLBJ FM 93.7 The Mother Truckers will be on Local Licks w/my good friend Loris Lowe. Listen online!

Radio and press are really coming together this week for the CD release, we are really stoked. Had a quiet sit-down jam yesterday at Josh and Teal's place. Got some copies on "Van Tour" and they look great! Practice went well and we are all really excited! Tomorrow is a full dress rehearsal for CD release at one of the Music Labs. Full stage rigs and running the set. Can't wait! Had fun jamming yesterday, tomorrow will be even more fun (and LOUDER).

In a good mood tho can't seem to make any headway financially just yet. Knew my van battery terminals were getting corroded again, even the new one Tessmer and I (well, he did most of the work, I just held the flashlight in the rain) installed after the van wouldn't start after an ETB gig few months back. So they finally decided to crap out yesterday after a driving back from Corpus Christi and stopping home with just enough time to change clothes, grab some gig clothes for later that night and grab my bass for Mother Truckers practice. Then my van wouldn't start. Shit.

Not only was I already late but everything that could have possibly went wrong went wrong. Noticed not only were terminals corroded but wires coming out of new battery terminal. No biggie, have spares. Getting cardboard box of tools/parts out of van bottom fell out and tools/parts then scattered on lawn. Shit. Replace battery terminal, still wont start. Neg terminal corroded as well, try to unhook/clean but the pole from the fucking BATTERY broke off. Nice. Had to disturb D's bath to borrow her SUV to run to O'Reilly real quick for new damn battery.

Which they didn't sell that brand. Ask who did, can't remember when/where/if I replaced it. Turns out it's a Ford factory battery. Nice. So bite the bullet (credit card) and buy a new battery full price. But installed it and made it to practice 90 minutes late but no big deal. Had a good jam which put me in a good mood after the eventful afternoon.

But turned out ETB was off last night which sucked ass because I just dropped $110 on a battery and am already behind for next month, but was also good because if I needed a night off, last night was a good night to have off. Was fucking exhausted. I really really hope the TMT CD release makes a sizeable profit and as much of that as possible makes its way to my bank account...

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