Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just got in from practice with the Truckers at the Oltorf Music Lab.

Went well, not perfect but we'd rather be a little off in rehearsal and sound great at the show than the other way around...

Last night on KLBJ was a blast. Loris must have played half the "Van Tour" album, heh! So good to see her again. New tunes sound great on the radio and got lots of great feedback. As our segment was over she played "Ocean of Stars." Listened to some of it on the way home and it sounded SO FUCKING MASSIVE with all the radio compression (released the album as-is with no mastering, what you hear is pretty much straight from my 8-track).

Will try to take it easy next few days to save strength for the CD release at Antone's on Saturday. Need to start working out again, not getting any younger. And while I play often with Eric Tessmer and for long sets, I only really let loose on stage for select shows (Antone's, etc). To give 100% even at the really good shows at Friends would take a terrible toll on my body over a 3+ hour set...

Weighed myself while in Corpus, back down to 152. Was up to 157 few weeks back. Still lean and mean. Not that I mind, but can't afford to lose too much weight... don't have much extra left! Other than that still feel pretty healthy. Forearms/hands/wrists not giving too much grief tho still have some lingering tennis elbow on R forearm. And I believe that was aggravated by recent yardwork.

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