Monday, June 28, 2010

The Mother Truckers CD release on Saturday at Antone's was an overwhelming success!!!

Great crowd, great show, lots of friends and family in attendance. Had Antone's packed to near capacity (thankfully they removed all the tables and chairs!). We played the early slot with co-headliners Mickey and the Motor Cars. So there was gear onstage when we loaded but no problemo. Their bassist Logan offered me his rig, but I declined in favor of my SVT thru Antones' backline Deitz 2x15 which I love so much.

M&TMC had their big tour bus and trailer right out front, which was too perfect in it's irony (our new album is "Van Tour" and here's this big honking bus parked out front... and it's not ours, heh!). We joked that we'd invite all our friends to party on "our" bus but we locked ourselves out ;) Amber Lucille Band (my old Southern Gun Culture bandmates) opened the show with their own CD release set, adding to the family vibe of the night.

Photos courtesy of Kristy Duff Wallace

The only drawback to taking the early slot is that we had the rest of the night off. Which I spent getting smashed and hanging with friends. Woke up at 9am next morning still drunk. Good times.

So glad the evening went well. Have been focusing all my attention on the show all week. But Friday early AM awoke to stomach issues and stayed up dwelling on shit. Put myself into a really dark mood rest of the day, and had to go mow my ex-wife Gina's lawn in such a mental state. And of course I lost a damn contact lens in the back yard (my last left lens) and was worried I wouldn't be able to get a replacement before the show on Saturday. On top of not being able to see well enough to finish mowing. Well shit. Got a new lens no problem, so that was awesome. Need to be able too SEE onstage.

Tried to pull myself out of the dark mood all that day, and tried to remind myself that when I feel at my lowest something good is usually about to happen. The night is always darkest in the hour before sunrise. By Saturday AM felt my mood turn around and was feeling much better/getting excited about the show.

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