Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Danny G - Ocean of Stars review!

Danny G - Ocean Of Stars
Reviewed By Andy "Dinger" Beresky (www.RiffRock.com)
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Self Released

So Stonerrock.com regular Danny G, (not to be confused with Kenny G) has taken up the challenge.

In response to the 2010 RPM Challenge, Danny has written, performed, and recorded an entire album's worth of material in a mere 28 days.

Is it the 2010 equivalent to Brant Byork's timeless Jalamanta? No, it's not. But it's certainly worth a listen, and perhaps a slab of your hard earned cash, because it's a very honest, expressive, and sincere album that has a lot to say considering that it's entirely instrumental. Danny performed all of the bass, drums, and guitar -- and while the guitar and bass are obviously his forte, he holds his own quite well on the kit, staying in the pocket and never overplaying. The basslines are deft and free flowing, but it's the guitar work that really brings this collection of basement jams to life. There's a fine sprinkling of clean and fuzzed out tones, a good balance of rhythm and lead guitar, and tasteful usage of effects plundered from the vintage vaults. The production is excellent for a home recording, and the performances, though rushed and hasty at times, have an admirable immediacy to their deliveries. It's not as single-minded as Karma To Burn in its instrumentalism, but there are definitely enough meaty riffs to sink your teeth into, and at 36 minutes, it doesn't overstay its welcome. Some of the effects and Southern inspired sections remind of middle era Alabama Thunderpussy, and that's never a bad thing.

If you're seriously into the whole "stoner rock" thing, then do yourself a favour and pick this up. It can easily follow up Jalamanta in a listening session, bong in hand, on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It's got that same mellow intensity, even if it's distinctively from Texas rather than Sky Valley.

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