Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day off, but a busy day nonetheless.

Last night ETB @ Friends was pretty dead. Thin crowd that built a little bit halfway thru and on, felt like we played well tho. Closed with a 3rd quick set of "Green Diamond II" and "Voodoo Child" and brought the fuckin house down. Man, those tunes felt good. Ah well, is what it is.

Been talking to Adrian Conner on email/text about doing some practice this week for the Adrian and the Sickness set on Sept 21 @ Headhunters for the HAAM benefit. Got 3 more tracks emailed, will be hitting the music hard next few days as this will be the only time I'll have before Europe w/Truckers. REALLY FUCKING STOKED. Nowadays I have so few opportunities to either play my own music or play for fun, and things like this are def worth the wait.

Speaking of HAAM, had a discounted eye/contact lens exam thru HAAM and picked up my prescriptions for Singulair (asthma) and Pro-Air rescue inhalers. 3 month supply for $3 each. Wow. The fact that the Adrian show is a HAAM benefit makes it even more worthwhile.

And speaking of bass strings, been using the D'addarios from the Truckers endorsement deal. So far so good. Seem to have a little more "grip" than the DR's I was using, which is good for finger picking but a little hard for sliding notes. Low E string is having sustain issues, but also just re-adjusted the truss rod for the heavier guage and maybe needs time to set. Had that problem before and turns out was just that particular string, changed them out and problem solved. Weird.

Saw yesterday a guy on Craigslist selling an Isovent cab like mine for a very very reasonable price. Will def try it out before I leave and grab it if my finances will allow. Probably cheaper to get another one than to re-speaker the one I have... Then I can sell that 4x10 I've been using and use the money to either fix the old Isovent or get a 2x15. Gear Gear Gear.

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