Monday, August 30, 2010

Yesterday was a roller coaster, what a ride.

Awoke in a foul mood after The Mother Truckers show Saturday, was one of those gigs where anything that could have gone wrong did. What should have been a heroes' homecoming was instead not so much, heh. Did our best to rally and think we did pretty good overall, but man. That was kinda painful, heh! Happens to the best of us.

So was in a dark mood really internalizing alot of shit when get word from my ex-wife that the buyer accepted the counter-offer on our house. WOO-HOO!!! Not a done deal yet, need to sign papers today and closing date set for Oct 7. But feels like the end is in sight, we can close this chapter of our lives and finally start a new one. Feels like I've been in limbo for almost a year, staying afloat but just barely. Can't afford to make necessary gear repairs because I need to eat as well.

Speaking of which, up since 9am and haven't eaten yet. About to head out to sign papers and maybe do some work on the house. And of course I feel pressed for time so am thinking of blowing off lunch now in addition to breakfast.

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