Friday, March 11, 2011

So many amazing things going on, and I can't really fully talk about them. Awesome.

I can say that there is an upstart indie label interested in "Ocean of Stars" and me as a solo artist. Holy shit, that is awesome. Very validating feeling to know that I poured my heart and soul into a home recorded album which was thrown together in 28 days as a musical exercise which I have barely promoted myself (was waiting for a reason to, now I have one!) has gotten enough notice to land an album deal. Details pending, but have been on Cloud 9 last few days. Very excited, and feels good that all of my efforts are paying off. Will be contacting Ty Tabor and Scott Reeder about doing a proper mastering job to it. And have another album's worth of material waiting in the wings.

Big things coming in ETB, and again details pending. Until then, I need to shower/shave and head out for an early set at Friends tonight, 7:30 til 11pm.


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