Monday, March 21, 2011

SXSW Day 2 -- Thursday March 17, 2011

Had the night off so went with Triniti Young to the Key Bar on W 6th for Adrian and the Sickness.

Pull up at a light and there they are setting up on the outdoor stage. Exchanged yells and threw each other the horns. Triniti spotted an empty parking space across the busy intersection so she ran out to go stand in it. Teamwork. Was parked and in the venue less than 5 minutes after first driving past it. Danny G: 1, SXSW: 0!

They played a great set tho we missed Bug Girl. Rocking out and taking pics some guy taps me on the shoulder and holds out his camera. He had a pic of Eric and I doing a crowd walk from who knows when. Awesome! Great set by Adrian and company, and kudos to Aaron who flew down from Seattle to play drums. Then the collected energies of Adrian and the Sickness and Bug Girl paired together for the rock glory that is Cock N Balls.

Hanging with them afterwards, we watched with dull curiosity a DJ setting up after the show. Who went on to mix classic rocks songs and other weird shit. Amber grabbed a guitar case and pretended it was a bazooka, if that lets you know how we felt about that. But the show was early and there was plenty of time for more mischief so we got the hell out of downtown and met up with them at Adrian and Heather's place for an after party, which began with Jack Daniels and a tub of ice cream and ended with Mexican wrestler masks and the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtrack.


HOWEVER, turns out I completely missed the Small Stone Records showcase, which was that same night at Barbarella on Red River. Which sucked, as it's usually on Friday and it's the one showcase I always get into somehow. Reviewed it 2 years in a row for Rank and Revue Magazine. Was kinda sad to have missed it finally. Well shit, it's usually on Friday! But I could have checked...

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