Monday, March 21, 2011

SXSW Day 4 -- Saturday March 19, 2011

Good Lord.

Woke up Sat morning with my body aching and my ears still screaming. And not just bathroom hand-dryer white noise and a constant high-pitched whine. My right year was reacting to certain noises by adding short bursts of an additional pitch, kinda like the "ping" when you bounce a basketball. Needless to say I had tissue in that ear most of the day whether I was around noise or not.

Day was going to begin early, going by Trophy's with Triniti Young so she could sell merch for Adrian and the Sickness and Bug Girl. Caught a few songs and took a few pics, but had to then go load in to Dogwood for the ETB SX360 event that evening. Turns out was good that I couldn't drop off my PA at storage on Friday evening (got there at 9:09pm and they closed at 9pm), as we needed it for the gig after all. Well that worked. Got everything in the venue, missing the band that was playing who were apparently really really good. But was able to swing back by Trophy's to get T and chill at the house for a bit before heading back downtown. Had a minor coronary when amp rental guy said he'd have my SVT for me at 10pm. Um, I need it at 6pm latest and I've told you that at least twice. But he was able to accommodate and get my amp back to me.

But getting it was a paragraph unto itself. Festival stage set up on 6th Street east of I-35. The street was not blocked off in any way shape or form, but people were wondering into it like cows anyway. Just pulling up next to the fence was a nightmare. One can never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups. You see my van coming, you just looked at me, and walked right out in front of me anyway. Just, wow. Darwin Award just waiting to happen. But I managed to grab my amp and not kill anyone in the process.

Back to Dogwood on W 6th and loaded my amp in right in time for soundcheck, which was awesome cause I still had to park. Finally parked next to Eric in the McElroy parking lot at West and 10th Street. A four-block walk, but at least no cows wondering into the street.

And we already had a great crowd for the ETB set. Sun going down, cooling off, good sized stage to move around on. Despite my underpowered PA cutting out when driven too hard, we had a great set and brought the house down. Even before the crowd walk drinks began appearing onstage. Which we accepted, of course! We all earned a good drunk at this point, tho Rob took it easy as he still had another set after ours. Had everyone up and moving, Eric walking on the bar. More drinks. Good times! End of set switched out basses to break the strings off my backup -- main bass had new ones from previous night, and backup strings needed to go anyway. I rock, but am also frugal, stings are expensive man!

Good times hanging with people in the crowd afterwards. Caught a little of Rob's set with Street Light Suzie next door through the window en route to collect the van. Looks like they were having a rockin time. Afterwards Rob looked very, very tired. Eric and I quite drunk at this point as well, and like I said it was a good and well-deserved drunk. And neither of us were driving, so bonus! Good times, and we survived another SXSW.

Sunday Night went to Headhunter's for Adrian and the Sickness and One-Eyed Doll. Was not ready to stop rockin just yet, heh.

The door guy John from Sunday was there and very apologetic for Friday night's SNAFU. I told him no worries, wasn't his fault, and we still got to play and had a blast. Too bad Trin and I weren't in much of a get-shitfaced mood, as he was giving us free Lonestars all night. That was very cool of him. Saw same sound guy and pulled him aside to apologize to him in case he thought I was an asshole. He was cool as shit about it, very understanding and no hard feelings whatsoever. That felt good. I was really feeling down that I may have been a dick the other night, especially to the staff of one of my fave watering holes. Then Steve the owner came up and also apologized for the SNAFU and said we really really sounded great. I told him no problem and no worries, we still got to play and we still had a blast when all was said and done.

Good people, man.

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