Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have not been keeping up with this Blog very well, and I apologize to my 8 loyal readers!

Last night played the Pitter Pat Gathering, a big backyard party out past the Y in Oak Hill. Was awesome! Like the entire crowd that hangs out behind the Continental Club all in one spot. The owners had recently built a proper stage, which was really good. Did 3 songs on bass with Tinpot Messiah, Tim Abbott from the Figurado's solo band. Last minute deal, as I was supposed to be flying to India for an ETB tour yesterday, but will get to that. Good people, good food and great music. John Smith and The Drakes really brought it. Awesome awesome awesome.

As for the Samsung Sidekick 4G promo:

ETB came from behind to take 3rd in the online voting portion. We'd like to thank our fans and the Samsung people who were all super cool and very helpful in the 2 phone giveaway shows we did during that time period, one at the Dirty Dog and another for a Red Cross benefit for Alabama tornado victims. But Samsung is feeling generous with all the promo that the band in turn gave the new Sidekick and seems that tho we lost to Jake Miller they want to hand out some concillation prizes for the other bands. Cool, will see what's up on Tuesday I believe.

The winner Fred with us at Molotov for the Red Cross benefit, photo by Triniti Young

So yeah, lot going on.

The ETB India tour has been postponed til September or so, as there was a massive Air India pilot strike which was grounding most international and regional flights for an indeterminate amount of time. Meaning that we could probably get INTO the country, but then we'd be flying from city-to-city for gigs, meaning chance of getting stranded somewhere were more than 100%. That and the death of Bin Laden made for a hairy time to be travelling abroad... so not the end of the world, we now have 3 more months to add more dates and reschedule/promote the ones we had. Sweet.

In gear news, I now have 2 fully functioning bass rigs. First time in a long time. And actually have played them both a few times, sounds like GOD. The SVT running the Mergilli Dietz replica 2x15, and the Fender TB-600 running my new Emi-loaded Dietz 2x15. TONE!

Still hammering out the details of my solo label deal. Have literally been too busy to really focus on that and get everything finalized. But I am off thru Wednesday, so that and mowing the lawn are on my to-do list.

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