Friday, May 20, 2011

Got called into work last night.

ETB didn't realize we were on the bill for Friends. We are already playing there tonight. Got the call at 9:30pm. So Rob and I rushed to get our gear and go. I didn't even have time to eat dinner or take a shower. We had been loading Boss Hoss with Rob's new drum cases to see how/if everything would fit before we loaded for the tour and found out it didn't. Then burgers at Culvers and another song-writing session which went very well. New stuff really coming along. Was planning on hitting Continental Club to see Grady with Trinidad Leal on drums, but alas. It can be good to get called in when you could use the money, and it was a pretty good show so win/win.

About to get ready to head north for the session with Stanley Man today. We got together Wednesday for a rehearsal. Same team, myself, Josh Zee and Trinidad. Fucking awesome. Can't wait to hear the final product for all of this.

Still negotiating my own record deal and finally making progress, would like to have it all finalized and in motion before we leave next week.

Gotta run, y'all.

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