Monday, May 16, 2011

Next two weeks are going to be a shitstorm, in a good way.

Prepping to leave town til mid-July with ETB. Writing a new ETB EP in the meantime which we will record in Madison WI on tour. We came in third for the Samsung thing and they still want to give us $5000 for recording. We will take it! Shows over the weekend at BD Riley's and Phoenix Saloon in New Braunfels were all kinds of awesome. Saw Dixie Witch Thursday night at Emo's with The Roller and Russell Abbott's (Super Heavy Goat Ass) new band Fur King. Great show, good times. Talking to Curt from DW afterwards learned a very valuable piece of gear lore that I can't believe I didn't know, and wish I had known sooner. My SVT can run TWO 4-ohm cabinets. Shit. Guess I should have read the manual! (But mine didn't come with one, heh).

Anyway, here's how my week is shaping up:


Bank to deposit a Teacher Retirement System IRA check. Had an IRA from when I worked at ACC years back. Have not worked in education since so I could roll it over or cash it out. Went for option B, and it will allow me to retube my SVT, have bills paid, and have some money to take on the road. ETB practice 12-3pm. ETB tonight at Friends 9:30pm til close.


12pm-8pm marathon ETB writing session. If gets out early will swing by Saxon Pub and catch part of Moonlighters happy hour set (Josh Zee of TMT, Lonnie from Deadman, couple cats from Stonehoney and Shurman as well).


Practice for another recording session with Stanley Man, again with Josh Zee on guitar and Trinidad Leal on drums. Gonna be awesome all over again. No gig at Speakeasy, due to mis-communication we have next 2 Wednesdays there off, they thought we'd be out of town but weren't due to Air India Pilot strike. Well shit. If I didn't have the TRS check I would be very worried about losing 2 money gigs b4 going out of town.


Recording session with Stan has been moved to Friday, so probably ETB jam instead. Then maybe go downtown with Triniti and see what kinda trouble we can get into.


Rescheduled session with Stanley. Then pack up rig to load in at Friends 6:30pm. Early set with ETB 7:30-11pm.


ETB plays Hardtails, a biker bar in Georgetown TX. Sounds pretty awesome.


12-3pm ETB jam scheduled. Probably have a going-away brunch here at House of DDT.

So yeah. And in between I need to spend time with my lady, my family coming up next wknd for lunch since I have ZERO time to head down to Corpus Christi. Restock toiletries for the road. Buy strings, buy tubes, pay bills, refill asthma med prescrip.

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