Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taking care of last minute things before heading out with ETB.

So survived Rapture Day in Georgetown TX, playing Hardtails. And to be honest I was more worried about the tornadic severe thunderstorm passing just north of us, and that the stage was outdoor, and metal, and not covered in case it rains. Which it looked like it was going to do just that. So after soundcheck we moved our amps back inside the cutout metal cargo trailer which served as a drumriser/green room/storage locker. Amps sounded like ass back there, but at least they'd stay dry. Checking the weather on my phone app had 4 separate weather warnings for Georgetown: Sever Thunderstorm Warning, Tornado Warning, Flood Advidory, Severe Thunderstorm Watch. Nice.

But we played a good set despite some sound problems, but no big deal. Got sprinkled on a little but never rained like sky was threatening to, and we could not see the spectacular lightning display forking over our heads. Good times.

Monday was our last Monday at Friends, for several months at least. Was a decent night, we are all exhausted but played our asses off anyway. Gonna miss that place. Almost felt like a graduation of sorts, which I hope that's just what it will be.

Yesterday wound up helping Rob with his new drum case, adding a separator and installing handles in the sides. Works like a charm, good to use my power tools again and get some dude time with Rob and Eric before we hit the road. Then went for a nice dinner with Triniti at Uchi Sushi on S Lamar. Matthew McConoughay was there, cool. Had some really good whatever the hell it was we ate and some amazing beers. But after spending almost $100, we were still hungry so went to the food trailers down the street \m/,

Today restocked some toiletries and got a proper laptop bag. Have already gotten a British camo jacket for $20 and a new overnight bag. My shit is falling apart. Still need to pick up my last minute run of 15 "Ocean of Stars" albums to take on the road. (Edit: they called as I typed, turns out I had 30 digipacks left. Sweet!) Affordable sound had some problems with the art I gave them but they'll being done right. Stocked up on cigarettes as well, Amercan Spirits can be hard to find on the road.

Tonight having a going away bbq/get-together with ETB and our friends. Thursday we blow the doors off Headhunters for our tour kickoff.


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