Saturday, January 28, 2012

Double-header last night.

Wow. ETB played back to back 3 hour sets last night, early set at Friends 7:30 to 10:15, then wheeled all our gear postehaste to BD Riley's 2 doors down for 10:30 til close.

Grueling, but effective. Great crowds at both venues (most of Friends crowd followed us next door) and a profitable night to boot. Debuted a few new covers and played less than half of songs from early set at later set. Awesome!

Felt good to melt faces for about 6 hours, hence feeling wrecked today. We play Poodie's Hilltop later this evening as well.

Busy week all around. Monday at Friends was okay, crowd kind of a mixed bag. But met a guy from Libya, that was really cool. Had helped with the uprisings there. I didn't ask too much detail but he said things were "much better" there now. Wow.

Had a brief ETB rehearsal, can't remember which day at this point. Worked on some new tunes and worked out "Love is Taking It's Toll" by Anders Osbourn and "Are You Experienced" by Jimi Hendrix (aforementioned new covers we debuted).

Had at least one Arcana Mundi practice as well. Coming along and enjoying the challenge of trying to play some of Matt Smith's riffs and solos. Guy is a card-carrying bad ass, do yourself a favor and check out his band Matt Smith's World if you don't believe me.

Yeah, this week has been a pleasant blur of work, Hobbit Hole related activities, seeing friends and squeezing in a nap in between.

I feel really good.

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