Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweatin in January

Greetings from the Hobbit Hole. Another day of cleaning and gettin situated.

I love this place. I love this area. Loving life like I haven't in quite some time. Feels good to feel good. Feels like I finally have my life back since my separation and divorce more than 2 years ago.

ETB schedule is slow, which is good cause so much work to do here. Yesterday bought a badass printer/fax/scanner. Love it. For the drive to ETB residency @ Friends last night lit a cigarette when I pulled onto S Congress. Still had 1/3 of it left when pulled up to Friends. The drive from Lakeway was a whole ciggie from Apache Shores to the light at Bee Cave Pkwy, the shortcut from 620 to Bee Cave Road. A whole ciggie to get to the road that leads to the road that leads into town. Wow.

Good show last night, was actually sweating on stage. Very mild night. Good show and good crowd. My mental state is translating to me having fun onstage, which is good. Setting up shouldn't feel like punching a timeclock. Eric was having gear issues: broke both overdrives before set, backup overdrive was iffy and sounded kinda shite, wah was iffy, broke strings on 59 and 63 strats. But he takes it in stride and rolls with the punches. Respect.

Good show, good times.

Not much planned for this week so far. Arcana Mundi practice rescheduled for tomorrow. Talk of ETB writing sessions and a bad meeting but nothing set. Friday going to see Princess of Darkness, Heather Webb's new band, at 512 Studios. Sat have orientation for volunteer work at Capital Area Food Bank for my community service, and ETB gig that night.

Back to work. Or maybe a nap first...

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