Saturday, January 14, 2012

Much going on.

Don't even know where to begin.

Trin and I getting settled into the "Hobbit Hole" as we are calling it, in ____ RV park off of South Congress. A gutted 5th wheel trailer with full kitchen and batroom, with added on: entry room, screened in patio/living room and guest bedroom. It is absolutely amazing here.

Moved in Sunday night in time for torrential rains and leaks. Then dealt with slight rodent problem which has been remedied with $5 worth of wood trim and the butt end of a BB gun. And it's ours. Homeowners. Next step is to enclose and insulate the screened in patio/living room and we can move our furniture in.

Also been a week filled with music.

Sat ETB in Houston with Amplified Heat at Continental Club was awesome. We had a great crowd and great set, Amp Heat was absolutely on fire. Our Monday residency at Friends started dead as can be but filled such that aside from 2 brief Eric-play-one-by-yourself-so-we-can-pee breaks we took no actual set breaks. Fun. Tues and Wed had practice with Arcana Mundi. Feels good playing guitar. And learning Matt Smith guitar lines is a welcome challenge and at times a struggle.

Looks like I will have Jerry Tubb master "Ocean of Stars" by default. Tim was getting Gracenotes (iTunes album database) done for his album and asked if he could have same done for OoS. Said sure, would pay him back. But album needs mastering for Gracenote encryption. So having a Grammy-winning producer master my album won't be a bad thing.

Will keep y'all posted. Must get back to work, much to be done.

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