Thursday, March 22, 2012

Made a video yesterday

Well the video made itself, anyway.

This NASA launch footage has been blowing my mind all week, and once as an experiment watched it with "Leap of Faith: Symphony in D Standard" playing to it. Holy Fucking Video, Batman! My mind was doubly blown at how well it all synched up, as if I had written the soundtrack specifically for that video. I mean, just wow. But that music was finished in late February and I just stumbled across this video on Monday.

So I've been promoting the hell out of it since finishing it (took 30 mins if that) and uploading it to youtube yesterday afternoon. What better promo for the new album? \m/,

Let's see. Monday ETB residency at Friends was still good for being the dead Monday after SXSW. Plenty of hungry SXstragglers and locals finally coming out from weathering the maelstrom at home. It was dead downtown and we still had a crowd. Awesome.

Until the skies opened up from an advancing storm front that stretched clean across Texas right before load out. We even ended early to beat the storm but still got caught lugging gear in the monsoon. Then Eric opted to take Boss Hoss home via I35 due to a busted tail light when the van stalled right on the I-35 access road at 5th Street. Still raining cats and dogs. 2:30am. And not the kind of place we'd want to just leave a van full of gear overnight.

So by the time Eric finally got a tow truck on the horn (24 service my ass), they'd have to call us back so they could check to see if their truck could even HAUL our van. They did call back, Eric was making arrangements with said tow truck driver, and Boss Hoss decided to roar back to life. Double-u tee eff. Well that just saved the band $150+ dollars, for now at least.

My thumb is improving, my index joints are almost 100%. Wrapping my thumb making it feel stiff instead of better. Got a $40 bottle of badass Glucosamine with a natural anti-inflammatory and several other joint-helping whatevers added. Flexcin with CM8, money back guarantee. Just have to be careful, meant to take it the other day and absentmindedly grabbed one of the dog's antibiotics instead.

ETB practice today cancelled due to Eric being sick, and having a solo acoustic gig later on. No worries, we play BD Riley's tomorrow night so he needs the rest, and this will give me more time to work on basslines for new ETB tunes before jam next week sometime.

Yesterday took my Droid in to Verizon to trade towards my new iPhone 4S, which I foogin LOVE. The battery life alone blows the Droid out of the water, and its much more user-friendly. Picking my Droid back up to grab pics the software/usability was so chaotic. Also digging Triniti's iMac as well.

Blah blah blah. And I still need to write my SXSW report. I didn't do much, but I did do some things.

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