Saturday, March 31, 2012

I need to write but don't feel like it.

But need to mention that the Jerry Jam at Dirty Dog Wednesday night was a blast. Raised money to help with Jerry Gaskill's medical bills resulting from his heart attack last month which he is recovering quite miraculously from. King's X was supposed to play that night, and I was supposed to be on the road with them til 2nd half of April. But things changed, and Jerry is going to be OK. Good to have such an awesome human being and amazing drummer sticking around.

Thursday night wound up at Sis Deville at Flamingo Cantina. Was $15 a head, didn't mind paying for T and myself. Carolyn Wonderland is worth the cover alone, and here she is onstage with many other female legends who I am embarrased to admit to being mostly unfamiliar with. Which really sucks cause they were ALL amazing. Shelley King and whoever else, I need to look them up again. Professional ease and mind-blowing are words I'm trying to work into my description of the night. 5 card-carrying badasses who can all sing. Just, wow. SO glad we decided to check it out last minute.

In other news I've been stressing about some things and my appetite/energy level have reflected that. Eating becoming a chore. Last week did a shift at the Food Bank for CSR hours, weighed myself on the big warehouse scale out of curiosity. 157, and that was wearing boots, jeans and heavy clothing and my chain wallet. I need to eat.

But also that day as I dumped garbage bins of unusable half-frozen and spoiled meat of varying kinds into the trash compactor, it made me thankful that I play music for a living instead of dumping bad meat into the garbage.

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