Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wed March 28, 2012

Quick recap before I shower and head north to practice with Arcana Mundi.

ETB played an early set at Friends on Friday. Usually they are pretty good. This one was pretty lackluster. At peak there was 40 people there with their wallets glued shut. Ouch. Thats decent for a Monday, but this night was going to be slim. Then last song we get offered to play Maggie Mae's immediately after for a guarantee.

I agreed but wasn't happy making that decision. For one, had to break a date with Triniti to go see Adrian and the Sickness at the Dirty Dog. Second, she had just got there and was just informed of this development. Third, I don't want to get into it but ETB stopped playing Maggie Mae's last year. And fourth, not being in the financial situation to turn down a guarantee that fell into our laps.

So the gear was begrudgingly hauled 2 blocks East, thank God for friends who don't mind doubling as roadies. The van was parked and not going anywhere. Easier to wheel the shit than to re-park at 11pm on a Friday downtown.

But the foot traffic was pretty decent and working a double saved the night's earnings. Still kinda sucked n general but this is what I do.

Saturday wound up at the Victory Grill for Gian Ortiz's birthday/send-off. His other band The Ripe is about to go to Spain again to record another record. Awesome. Really cool night, and the kind of thing the Red River musicians need to do more often: jam together. Got to play guitar for a few tunes. Will be more proactive next time, I wanted to jam with Jamie and Erik from Tia Carrera but never got the chance. I don't like to go to open jams and play covers. It's a jam, and I would rather JAM.

Got to play Gian's Gibson SG bass as well. Always interesting getting to finally play someone's gear who you've been watching play for 12 years. For one thing I am apparently taller than him. He wears his bass high, and on me it was almost a chinrest. And he uses flatwounds, which also feel weird to me. But was cool when I finally turned the volume on the bass up and suddenly this TONE came out. Yeah, THAT'S Gian's tone right there. Awesome. But after 2-3 songs I had to bow out as holding the bass at that angle hurt the wrist on my pickhand and was killing my frethand. Talking to him afterwards he said basses strung low do the same for him.

The night turned even cooler when the singer n guitar player from Los Lobos showed up. Nice! The singer played drums on a tune then switched to guitar. Robert Randolph never showed and our bro Moses Blues was unsuccessful in wrangling a pedal steel for him anyway, but kudos to Moses for putting together last minute such a great event.

Fucking awesome night, hope we do more of those.

ETB Monday residency was a complete turnaround. Great crowd when we walked in who also stayed most of the night. Rachel Crawford Band is even better every time I hear them, and the crowd is responding as accordingly (growing). Great opening act, and great people all around. Felt like we were on fire, good times. Took Armadillo Strut in all kinds of cool directions.

Drove my van downtown for the first time in forever, Eric doesn't trust the van so he loaded his and my rigs into Olive Oyl (his 49 International). Wasn't going to leave it in the back overnight, so threw my stuff into Goldie Hawn end of the night. Now I just need to get my back door handle fixed so I don't have to crawl thru the side and over my gear to open the back door. Suck.

In other developments, I will not be working as musical director of the paranormal investigations show. Better to find out something's not going to work sooner than later, like when it's time to get paid. It is what it is, best of luck to them.

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