Friday, March 9, 2012


Been too busy/sidetracked to update.

That and my tweaky thumb have made typing on my phone rather uncomfortable. Became aggravated towards end of RPM album tracking. Doesn't really hurt to play, but doing everyday stuff like lighting a cigarette or doing tasks on my phone are either painful to first joint or causes tendons to lurch over top of the 2nd joint respectively. Needless to say stopped doing either activity, got a thumb brace from CVS, and have been taking Ibuprofin and Glucosamine when I can remember to.

But RPM Challenge album is done. In ordering copies of it, had trouble with the company's website (was my internet connection... bah!) and lost almost 2 days of production time trying to look at the art proofs. Needless to say, with that delay if I wanted them by SXSW I would be forced to pay out the ass. Making the order not even worth it.

But stumbled across another company, AMS Rabbit. Not only could they rush order 150 copies of 'Leap of Faith,' but they could also print 100 digipaks of 'Ocean of Stars' for less total than what it would have been to rush 130 copies of LoF with the other company. Sold. They'll be here Tuesday or Wednesday latest. Holy shitballs, I just inadvertently started my own record label.

OK so I've been thinking of that recently. Having my own label to put out my own music until an actual label (or investor) wants to step in as a business partner/financier. Much like Henry Rollins' label 2.13.61. Only calling mine 9.18.74 would be very cheesy. Going with Hobbit Hole Records, in honor of the nickname for our humble abode. Not the greatest name, but it sure is fitting. Just getting my music out there, and it's a nice tax write-off as well.

And AMS Rabbit needed to artwork so quick I had zero time to even add it to the album art, much less come up with a logo. Going to somehow work the upside-down bike hanging in the tree out front into it. CDs should be shipping today. Cool, I guess the next logical step is to sell them and get them played/reviewed.

Anyway. ETB songwriting rehearsal yesterday was a success. Came up with a new song then and there. Great groove to it. Also wrote down a list of the existing ideas and possible songs to re-record for new album. Almost an albums' worth of material already. # righttrack

Monday ETB residency at Friends went great. Getting back to the busier-season crowds. By first walkaround we had the dance floor full and swinging. We were on fire, had a blast and was a profitable night as well. I played my backup bass Cate Blanchett, as I ripped all the strings off Minnie Pearl at TX Independence Fest and forgot to get more (out, and been too busy ordering CDs to finalize SIT order). Goddamn she is a nice bass. Played great, felt great. Doesn't share Minnie's quirk of it seems the strings are different volumes. May have to rotate them out for awhile.

ETB @ TX Independence Fest was a blast, turnout not as good as last year but still people there whose faces were melted clean off. Damn feels great to play a short set (45 mins) and just totally unleash. And playing both my 2x15 bass cabs is fun as well. Finally got to meet/hang with comedian/former radio personality Charlie Hodge, who was hosting the event. He was awesome, and super nice.

ETB Saxon Pub gig Friday was a mixed bag. Last minute confirmation so no real time to promote, so crowd reflected that. But the people there (mostly new faces) loved us. My performance felt like a mixed bag as well, but always enjoy playing there. And always sounds great there while doing walkarounds. Seems turning down at other venues kind of takes the life out of us, but never the case at Saxon.

The ETB Friends residency has been cancelled for this coming Monday before SXSW. Venue rented out as a private party. Well there went my one money gig the entire week. Hopefully some out-of-towners will rent my now useless gear.

I'm sure there's a ton else going on, but I need to eat instead of type. First meal of the day (leftovers), it's 3:36pm CST and I've been up since 9-something AM.

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