Thursday, April 5, 2012

South By Sort-Of Report: Day 1

Wednesday March 14, 2012

Spent much of the day at home waiting for the FedEx guy to see if my CDs would be making it on time as promised.

Sure enough in the afternoon hear comes a FedEx truck! Which entered the RV park and stopped across the way. Then left. Well shit! A half hour later I get a delivery conformation email. What?!? Looked around the front and sides of the Hobbit Hole. Nothing even resembling 2 boxes of CDs. So I checked the email again, and sure enough they were delivered the wrong lot #. So walked over, saw the boxes, and grabbed them. Awesome!

Checking the Austin Chronicle Music Poll results, Hey Hey Hey!

Eric Tessmer Band placed top ten in not one, but TWO categories: #6 Blues Band, and #10 Rock Band. Holy shit, awesome! Also Adrian and the Sickness won #1 Punk Band. Good for them, bout time AATS finally starts getting some of the recognition they've deserved.


So that evening made an appearance at the Austin Music Awards. Karen Slafter had some extra guestlist slots so went with Triniti, Karen, Philip (Karen's BF) and T23 artist Kelley Premeaux. Good times! Overpriced Lone Star and Alejandro Escovedo onstage. Checked out a few tunes, noticed Joe Morales (Matt Smith's World, played on Tim's record) up there too! Awesome. We didn't stay long, I could have and probably should have done the schmoozefest thing, but Karen's back wasn't in such good shape so we made an early exit, went home and relaxed. I could get VERY used to the whole "taking SXSW easy" thing.

Alejandro Escovedo onstage at the Austin Music Awards

Kelley Premaux, Triniti Young and Karen Slafter at AMA's

That night we learned that just after we left, Bruce Springsteen himself joined Alejandro onstage. Well shit. SXSW FAIL. And the next day it was brought to my attention that on making our early retreat we also managed to walk right past Robert Plant on the way out and didn't even see him.

Damn. Epic Fail.

Danny G: 0

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