Thursday, April 5, 2012

South By Sort-Of Report: Day 2

Thursday March 15, 2012

During the day the only thing of consequence I can recall is ETB got the call from Headhunters offering us the Friday 8pm fill-in slot before the Small Stone Records Showcase

Wow, that's convenient. Had also just found out SS Showcase was on Friday instead of Saturday, and was planning on being there anyway. Sweet, we get to play too \m/,

Taking SXSW easy for once was awesome. Good gigs landing in our laps is also awesome.

(Ha! I just had to cross-reference my own damn blog to see if I had written about anything this day. The everyday excitement I call my life and music career.)

That evening Trin and I ventured a half mile Trophy's to catch our good friends Sabbath Crow at the Whoopsy Magazine Party. Good times with good people. SB sounded great tho was hot as hell on the inside stage. Caught some of Black Earth out back as well. Been playing shows with Black Earth since the Southern Gun Culture days 10 years ago. We got caught up with a lot of good people that night: J and Kristin from Sabbath Crow, our friend Corri Mava, talked with Ving from Black Earth for awhile, havent seen him in a few years. Good times, good people.

That is one definite undeniably good thing about SXSW for the players who live here: it's like a big family reunion. And felt a pang of regret for missing the Red Eyed Fly kickoff on Tuesday.

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