Thursday, April 5, 2012

ETB signs with The Pearl Agency

Quick update, busy coupla days.

ETB has signed with The Pearl Agency out of Houston TX, an up and coming booking agent who handle The Mighty Orq and a few other artists. Looking forward to a busy summer, and this time with proper representation. Awesome. A very good start.

In other recap shit:

ETB played BD Riley's on 6th Street during Texas Relay Weekend, a track event that draws thousands downtown. So many people it's a pain in the ass to be down there with gear, and we tried to book around it which we did. But then the date changed. So we lug our gear in Boss Hoss, which performed flawlessly that night, thank Crom.

Downtown was already getting crazy. Cops already had 6th Street and the feeders blocked off, with a huge beefed-up presence. We had to load from the corner of Brazos, which getting there was an adventure unto itself. I don't know where the hell Eric parked. But the gig was awesome, and the crowd was great. Very profitable night as well. We left the gear there as getting the van was near impossible with the mayhem.

Followed Eric in my van next morning and retrieved said gear. That afternoon had practice with Arcana Mundi, which went well. Having Mark Epstein on board now as bassist and musical director is helping immensely. This music is very involved, and having someone who was on the record and knows it inside/out has added steroids to already productive rehearsals.

Monday went to Great Outdoors with Trin and got some plants for the Hobbit Hole. Feels good to garden. Then installed the window AC unit we got previous night, swapping out the old dirty/moldy existing unit which I didn't even want to turn on. Took some additional window trim and choice swear words but it's in and works pretty good.

Monday night ETB played a stripped-down early set at Saxon Pub in addition to the residency gig at Friends to promote our upcoming Saturday show there. Stripped down gig was pretty cool, haven't done a semi-acoustic set before. Next time I will def bring an amp as the Bass DI sounded terrible, at least thru the monitors. Monday residency gig was kind of slow, fun but nothing to write home about.

Saxon Pub, photo courtesy of Betty Loo

Friends, photo courtesy of Moses Blues

Tuesday had a too-short ETB song-writing rehearsal, trying to finish some new tunes for the Saxon Pub gig on Saturday. So far so good.

Wednesday had Arcana Mundi rehearsal. Went very well.

Today had final ETB song-writing jam in prep for Saturday. 2 songs in the bag. Awesome.

Jesus, and people some people think playing music for a living isn't a full time job. I am tired.

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