Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bout to run a bunch of errands, will keep it brief.

Christmas was really good, spent some good quality time with my parents and sister. They love Nacho and Nacho loooves my dad. Came back home and bought myself a wireless system, a Line6 X2. It didn't work properly right out of the box so I am taking it back today. Sucks.

Monday night Eric Tessmer Band had a great crowd at Friends. Loading onstage I couldn't help but think how we must look like ants. Bustling about with blankfaced efficiency, never bumping into each other without even looking at each other. Getting ready for just another day at the office rather than about to play a show. Got set up and realized I haven't touched a bass since recording last week Tuesday. A whole week without playing or practice. This oughtta be interesting... But thank the Gods of Rock for muscle memory, forearms got a little tired in certain spots but played like I hadn't missed a day. That was cool. During set break a street artist drew my portrait, rather bang up job. Gave him $10 for it.

Tuesday went back to Ben Blank's studio to do backup and lead vocals. Was worried about my vocal parts because I've always felt singing was my weak point. Have sang lead in the past for Southern Gun Culture and did 2-part harmonies, but was never pleased with anything I put to tape. Kind of gave up on singing for a long time until recently doing the Sahm Cover Sahm set I started singing backup harmonies with Shandon. And holy shit, I can sing! That was cool.

But I still didn't feel confident on the Tessmer stuff, even tho I really had parts on one song. But surprisingly banged them out in no time. My first take felt suspect to me, but in the control room everyone said it sounded great. Awesome! Even Michael with his dog ears trained for pitch said my pitch was spot on and my vibratto was good and right where it needed to be. Sweet! Can't wait to hear it now.

But about to run. Need to take back useless wireless system, drop off my stricken SVT-II again (one more fail and I am putting that thing out to pasture), and do a bunch of other shit and make some calls but nothing business related. Eric Tessmer Band tonight at Maggie Mae's. Hope some people show up for once...

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