Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home, 2:15pm

Bout to play some guitar and bass to prep for tonight at Antone's. Kevin McKinney from Soulhat is having his birthday party tonight, and Gary (drums) and I will be joining Shandon onstage for a jam on some Sir Doug tunes. Kevin McKinney will also be jamming, as will the guy from Fastball and some others. Should be awesome! Not sure who will be playing what, there will be a little pre-set pow-wow to figure it all out. Need to go refresh some guitar solos and learn some bass lines just in case, heh! Bringing the '79 Iceman cause it will look cooler, heh.

Took apart the stricken SVT-II and Acoustic B200H, nothing visibly amiss on either. B200 still showing red "clip" light and no signal, SVT-II not powering up at all despite both fuses being intact. Will take it in one last time, if it fails again I'll have to put it out to pasture. Not sure the B200 is even worth fixing. But the late 70's SVT is still working fine if a little agressive sounding right now, my Fender rackmount TB-600 is still a reliable workhorse, and the new Eden 10's in my cab sound great.

This, and my van is still parked on Congress Ave downtown from last night, battery connectors are corroded as shit. Tessmer will be coming into town soon to help me fix it, just $5 parts and that guy can fix anything from amps to engines to tractors.

Amp/vehicle problems aside last night at Club One-2-One was really good. Meagan Tubb opening again, that was a cool surprise. Got to talk to the band a little this time, guitarist Jason played in Spankin Grance with Deanna from Velvet Brick, who I used to play bass for. As players in this town we are all connected in some way, heh. They sounded really good, and Meagan is so talented. Sings like a bird and holds her own on guitar with the best of them, good songs too. When they played the Fox Morning Show about 2 years ago I was running camera that day. Seems like a lifetime ago.

We squeezed onto the tiny stage, Michael's awesome new keyboard is thankfully half the size of his old one. Venue has a tiny MarkBass 1x12 bass combo which sounds really good, my rig would have taken up half the stage! Street windows closed due to the cold, so no running around on the sidewalk tonight, ah well... Jumped right into the set and kicked it's ass. We're really starting to gel now that we are playing all the time in a fixed lineup. Everything sounding tight and very powerful. Not a huge crowd (small place) but the people there would totally into it. Felt like we delivered and handed them their asses on a plate, heh!

Was feeling really good the rest of the night til my van wouldn't start, heh. But Tessmer was close by and swung Boss Hoss around. Pushed Goldie Hawn out into the street a bit but no way we could hook up the jumper cables--our batteries were at opposite ends of our respective engines making it impossible to reach. Well shit. Left her there and Tessmer and Richard drove me back to the house. I wasn't too worried about it, have had battery terminal problems with other vehicles in the past and have nothing of value sitting in the van.

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