Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Whoops, time warp.

Have to keep it brief, trying to be on the road in an hour or so to head down to Corpus Christi for Christmas with the family.

Had a great recording session yesterday to lay down bass tracks for Tessmer's forthcoming CD 'Green Diamond'. Got in there at 11am, tracking by 11:30, driving away by 4:45. Ben was great and I've never been happier with my bass tone on a studio session. Later met Amber and Trent at Continental Club to see Alejandro Escovedo, my first time. Great show.

Saturday went to Looney's birthday @ Headhunters. Saw a lot of old friends and saw some great bands: Super Heavy Goat Ass (their last show as, some other band bought the name and paid handsomely), Oklahomos (Looney's band), Blood Royale (JT Drunk Witch's metal band), Butcherwhite (old friends) and who know's who else. Will post pics when I make the time. Saturday was a long day due to life shit, but will spare the details other than it ended better than it began.

Thursday @ Friends was slow but interesting. While doing the crowd walk some guy talked some shit about Tessmer's guitar playing. So Eric said "OK, show me what you can do" and handed him over his '59 Strat. The guy was a decent player but no match for Tessmer. Walked out to watch, shrugged and handed Eric my bass. Then got the Strat from shit-talker and threw down myself. Fucking key of Bb. Well shit, playing between the dots confuses me so I sucked. Ah well.

Can't thing of anything else interesting that happened, and have to go anyway.

Merry Christmas, O loyal readers!

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