Friday, February 5, 2010

Post #85, woo hoo!

Will keep it brief, not in a very chipper writing mood.

Began tracking on my RPM Challenge solo album "Ocean of Stars" on Wednesday I guess. So far pleased w/drum sounds from garage. Blew out 5 songs in 3.5 hours. Tracking guitar yesterday realized tempos way too fast on 2 of them. That and my Marshall JCM800 finally decided it needs new power tubes. Great. So tracked with my Epi Valve Standard powering the Marshall 4x12. Sounds like ass. Jason from Velvet Brick will loan me his JCM800 for recording and Ironclad gig next week, thanks bro. Will re-track those two songs on drums today.

So my amp injury report:

Ampeg 70's SVT (fully functional)
Ampeg SVT-II (questionable, needs power tubes)
Fender TB-600 (fucked, at Ray Hennig's)
Acoustic B-200H (fucked, not worth fixing)
Ampeg Isovent cab (still in shop, ready by tomorrow)
Marshall JCM800 (needs power tubes)
Epiphone Valve Standard (not gig-worthy)

So I am down to one fully-functional amp, with no money (save credit card) to fix others. I'd have a pretty nice gear collection if the shit actually worked. All this shit I can't afford, plus my cat is getting sick again and I still owe on rent for this month. Livin the dream...

But I will trudge onwards and upwards with the RPM Challenge album. Am not feeling very up to task, but need to focus my mind on something positive and creative cause it has been very hard to focus on anything at all. Much less DO anything creative.

Tonight I am going out, Headhunters and Red 7. Tomorrow BD Riley's w/ETB. Hope we make a LOT of money, and that the guy who personally tipped me $100 once comes back...!


Picked up Jason's 800 and keeping with the theme it immediately blew 2 fuses. Nice. Spent rest of the day tracking with the Epiphone and getting decent results. New drum tracks much better. Still guitar ampless, and now afraid to borrow anything from anyone. But Jason gave me a spare quad of 6550's he wasn't using, so I at least have tubes to put into my Marshall *phew* That was very very generous of him, what a great guy.

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  1. Dude...what kind of power surge is happening? Faulty wiring in garage? Surge protector not protecting?