Sunday, February 21, 2010

And so begins a very busy week.

- Work on 3 new Mother Truckers songs
- Work on music for RPM Challenge album
- 5pm practice w/The Mother Truckers
- Maybe go to Friends Sunday blues jam, try to get some pickup work.

- Track drums for RPM Challenge album (need 5 more done/mixed by Mar 1, no pressure)
- 10pm Eric Tessmer Band gig @ Friends

- Hopefully track guitar

- 9am dentist apt
- track guitar/bass, maybe mix
- 5pm Mother Truckers practice
- 8pm Eric Tessmer Band @ Maggie Mae's

- Hopefully mix
- Start working on album artwork

- Mix/master
- Mother Truckers return gig @ Continental Club

- 12pm Run camera for a UT baseball game
- Hopefully finish mixing/artwork


Tonight at practice Josh and Teal will be briefing us on a reported Mother Truckers EUROPE TOUR. *happy dance!* Oh hell fucking YES. Will def relay the details tonight or tomorrow. Awesome awesome awesome, not gonna get my hopes up just yet til I hear more. But I've been wanting to tour Europe forever.

Very good news indeed, was in a weird funk after the ETB show @ Friends on Friday. Had a good crowd, blew threw a really good set (kept things rolling rather than stop between every song), had a blast. Eric broke the strings off his guitar, and I broke the strings off my bass. Needed to change them anyway, crowd went nuts. But took to feeling dark and brooding after we were done. Been a heavy past couple of days with the plane crash and all. But seems like I always feel darkest right before something good happens.

Gotta get to work.

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