Friday, February 19, 2010

How's this for a text to wake up to in the morning:

"Plane crashed near our apt! We r ok..."

HOLY SHIT. So yeah, the IRS building that the guy flew the plane into yesterday was a half-mile or so from my friend Triniti's apartment. Crazy shit. And reading the article there is a good friend quoted in it. Just hit a little closer to home...

Got my JCM800 back from Bill Webb, of the 10 6550's I left with him he couldn't even get a useable quad so had to throw in some used tubes for $10/each. Much more affordable than a new set (about $150), but still had to put another $82 on my credit card. But I have a working bass amp and now a working guitar amp, so all is good. But now some of the oddball pre-amp tubes in the SVT are starting to go. Damn.

Set up my PA in my room to re-mix the 5 songs I have towards my RPM Challenge album, more pleased yet a few more tweaks in order, check them out at

Have 3 new Mother Truckers songs to learn by practice on Sunday. 2 pretty straight-forward, one a little tricky. All good shit. We will add them to the set for next Friday when we play the Continental Club. Should be a great show, our first since November.

Was supposed to practice with Eric Tessmer today but Richard wanted to push it back a bit timewise and Eric forgot to e-mail the new song he wanted to work on anyway. So to save gas and not waste any of our time we'll reschedule. Works for me, saved me a 30+ minute drive to Jonestown. No, that that Jonestown.

May have a tech gig coming up. Bobby Rock called me yesterday afternoon. Figured it was imprtant, but was unfortunately buck-ass naked save for a hospital gown waiting to get a physical. Left him a reply message and told him as much, heh. Band called Airborne, US tour end of April to end of May. Need more details (exact dates, pay, etc) and waiting to hear back from Tessmer on when our tentative Spring tour will be. That, and will I be back for my Mom's retirement on May 27th? Will probably miss the Clint Black/Mother Truckers show on Apr 30th... damn.

Keep y'all posted. ETB @ Friends tonight, early set 8-11pm. Afterwards might mingle on Red River, or go to Trophy's to see Amplified Heat, or go to 1st Down and Stassney to hang with Amber Lucille band after their set. Hmmm... will probably do the option involving the least money.

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  1. Hey Danny, I thought of you when I heard the news about the big goings-on in Austin. Glad to hear you and yours are okay.

    Airbourne -- you ever listen to 'em? I really like the band; very much an AC/DC knock off. Hope that works out for you!