Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spent a rare snowy day in Austin recording guitar tracks all day. About an inch accumulation in parts of the back yard, big fat flakes as big as quarters at times.

Laid down basic guitars for 6+ hours on the three drum tracks I did yesterday. Should finish them up tomorrow on guitar and hopefully bass as well. Then see how much time I need to fill for the RPM Challenge goal of 35 minutes of music. Will probably have to throw together one more song, and have an idea that wouldn't require drums.

ETB last night at Friends was fun but fucking dead, even for a Monday. We've been writing a setlist and sticking to it, blowing through the songs one after the other. I like that, keeps things moving and keeps it tight.

Long day tomorrow: AM dentist apt weather permitting, track as much as I can, 5pm Mother Truckers practice, 9pm ETB set at Maggie Mae's. Will def turn in early tonight.

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