Friday, February 12, 2010

Busy busy busy.

Have been sending out Ironclad show invite texts all morning, creating a Danny G fan page on Facebook (so I can use that instead of the one with my last name, who the hell knows who that is? heh!), working up a setlist for tonight and other online TCB.

Need to change strings on my '79 Iceman. Put .11-.52's on my Paul Stanley Iceman and they feel good tho I have never used that guage before. And it is either those or .09-.42's because they are all I have. Why buy the strings I use when I have plenty of sets that I don't just lying around?

SO Ironclad plays the Vixen Productions St.Valentine's Day Massacre show tonight at Headhunter's, with Velvet Brick, The Oklahomos and New Disaster on the bill among others. Deanna (Vixen Productions co-founder, singer for Velvet Brick, and my roommate) is also busy busy busy finalizing details over the phone and painting a Go-Go box for the Vixens to use. Hopefully weather will permit the swing over the band area in the outdoor patio to be used. Yeah, this is gonna be awesome \m/,

But in the meantime I will be refreshing the music all day as we again had ZERO time to practice. Not since our last show back in September, and that one was after not playing/practicing since SXSW in March. We pulled it off and it was awesome, so not too worried about tonight. We'll give it hell and have a great time (and try to remember the songs!). I will be giving it all I have tonight, really want to keep myself out there as a guitar player/songwriter.

Have rough mixes of 5 songs towards my RPM Challenge 'Ocean of Stars.' But mixes are very bass heavy and need lots of work. Set up my PA in my room to use instead mixing via headphones. Will use it today to play along to Ironclad music.

Gotta get to work.

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