Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy. Playing guitar all day, prepping the Ocean of Stars music as well as refreshing the Ironclad music for Thursday.

Meeting tomorrow with Heather Webb at 1pm to run over bass parts, then getting a room at the Music Lab for a full band rehearsal around 7pm. JRAB will be meeting me there around 5:30 to run over drums before everyone else gets there.

I am really fucking excited about this, mainly since it is purely for the fun of making music with good friends and great players. Nothing really riding on this other than my reputation, ha! Trying to stay visible on Red River but also finally share the stage with some people I've been wanting to share the stage with for a long time. Feel very honored to have had Adrian, Heather, JRAB and Michael agree to do this. Especially given the time constraints and everyone's busy schedule. Still a chance it could fall apart if someone unfortunately has to bail but that looking less likely now.

And I feel a huge sense of accomplishment just getting this far with it: I put together a band in about 2 weeks flat to play perform music I wrote every single note to, and all involved are very accomplished musicians who play for a living. It will be loose, but it ain't gonna suck! Looking forward to doing a set with Ironclad as well, always fun playing with them. Thursday is gonna be a blast. But time slots have shuffled a bit, so it will take some conscious effort to stay on the sober side since Ironclad will now be closing the night:

12am Marshall Dylan
11pm Adrian and the Sickness
10pm Ocean of Stars
9pm Looking for Bucho

Awesome awesome awesome. Gotta run. Have another set of music to go over and hopefuly some sleep to catch up on before tonight at Friends with ETB.

Will recap the weekend in a bit.

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