Friday, May 14, 2010

A lovely rainy morning for the drive to San Angelo.

Checking the radar looks like someone went to work on Central Texas on MS Paint. Lotta green and red. Looks like it should fizzle out, that's good. Hopefully won't affect the overnight drive back. Eric Tessmer Band tonight at the Steel Penny with the mighty Amplified Heat. Fuck yeah, this is gonna be awesome.

Last night at Friends was one for the record books. ETB played well, kinda thin crowd. Bumped into a lovely lady I met at Maggie Mae's late last month. Was a slow Wednesday night, we were being friendly and flirty. Handed me a slip of paper and a pen. I wrote my phone number. She laughed and freaked out, "My boyfriend is here! I just wanted an autograph!!!" Oops, heh! So she turned up last night, single this time. We got reacquainted in the Friends back hallway. Kept my number this time around. Good times.

So yeah, hopefully tonight will be awesome. Never been to the Steel Penny, haven't been to San Angelo since the Southern Gun Culture days (early 00's). May the Gods of Driving safely deliver Boss Hoss (ETB van) and the AH van to and from San Angelo without incident, or at least with a good story to tell if something does go awry.

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