Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OK, line-up change for the OCEAN OF STARS set.

Was supposed to meet with Richard Lamm today to go over drum parts but while I was working out guitars with Adrian Conner he texted saying he had a family re-union on June 3 (date of show).

Well shit. Wasn't really surprised, Richard is a great guy but bless his heart he can be a little scatterbrained, heh. Figured if worse came to worse I can just bring my 8-track and we can play to the darn drum tracks. But left a message for Adrian Flores from Ironclad and called JRAB (King's X drum tech/RAZR13 drummer) up. Turns he is available and totally down. Thanks for saving the day, bro!

So yeah, had a great session with Adrian, very cool to finally jam with her. Hell of a player, can't wait to get us all onstage. Full band rehearsal slated for Tuesday of next week, will prolly meet with JRAB during that afternoon, and need to schedule with Heather Webb as well to show her bass parts. Get everyone a working knowledge of the tunes before throwing everyone in a room together...

Ironclad won't be practicing for this gig, cause that's how we roll. We have not had a band rehearsal in almost a year and a half, and have played about 5-6 shows since. And most of them have been awesome, so there ya go. Guess we might want to think about jamming some day so we can write some new tunes, heh.

Practice with Shandon tonight for the "Sahm Covers Sahm" set on Sunday. Will have time today now to refresh some of the music. But part of me wants to not worry about it and know that tonight I will still know the songs, or at least be pretty damn close.

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