Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whoops, life got away from me.

So I may be putting together at least a one-off solo band to play some 'Ocean of Stars' and 'Red River Day Care' material for a date in June. It's my friend Val's birthday and looks like Ironclad will be able to play it. Awesome enough. But figured "Why stop there?" So called Adrian Conner about playing 2nd guitar since Adrian and the Sickness will be on that bill as well. She's down so far! Called Richard from ETB about drumming, haven't heard back. Will talk to Tim from Ironclad bout playing bass, since he will be there that night as well, heh. If he can't due to time constraints at the studio he works at, maybe ask Heather Webb from AATS since she'll be there that night too. Makes sense. We'll see how it goes.

Right now listening to Rolling Stones 'Tumblin Dice' to learn by Mother Truckers practice tomorrow, that along with "Waitin on a Friend" and Skynyrd "Call Me The Breeze" for a wedding we're playing at the Zilker Clubhouse on Saturday. Speaking of which, gonna be a long-ass weekend. Play with ETB at the Steel Penny in San Angelo Friday night, then drive back overnight so I can load in at the wedding at 3pm. Then will haul ass to Antone's to play a last-minute ETB show later than night. Welcome to my life. Sucks we have no time to promote the Antone's show and ETB will have played for free on 6th Street twice that week already.

Last night with ETB @ Friends was alright, not an atypical Monday. Opening band finished an hour early. Thanks, guys. So we went on at 9:30, I was already toast by set break around 11-something. And we still had to play another set. Damn. But we called it a little early so that was good. Felt pretty sloppy as I haven't touched an instrument since Wednesday of last week.

Tomorrow have 6pm Truckers practice, then an unusual Wednesday night at BD Riley's on 6th Street. Private-ish party with a guarantee so bring it on. Will help me get caught up on bills, at least for this month...

Was in a very heavy mood going into last weekend. Was so burned out and tired after our bi-monthly Wednesday ETB Maggie Mae's show that I grabbed my gear and took off early rather than stay all night waiting to get paid. Burned out on 6th Street. Burned out on playing all the time for a payout that's not always worth it. With the divorce I am worse off financially now than I was 10 years ago when I first moved to Austin. The money (gigs, mostly) is usually there when I need it, but it is still very hairy from month to month. Can barely afford dog food. But hard times are like rough seas, you have to keep a steady course and just get through it. And try not to sink.

So then after my Wednesday night doldrums, got an early Thursday AM text from the Big Name TX Country band asking if I was available for Friday and Saturday. Seriously?!? Never mind I had been planning for 2 weeks to spend the weekend in Corpus Christi w/my family for Mother's Day. Wanted to call the guy back and tell him "No, and don't ever call me again. Screw you and screw Big Name TX Country artist." The whole situation has been nothing but squirrely for the past year. But an big opportunity is a big opportunity, as much as I'd like to be Rock N Roll and "keep it real" and that would be a good example of "when keeping it real goes wrong", heh.

So called the contact and he apologized for the late notice and could hear the frustration in my voice, said he was waiting back to hear from a bassist he called right before me. Told him I'd be available if needed. $500 when I really need it is $500, just sayin. But previous guy came through, so instead of making more than twice what I still owed in rent I had a wonderful weekend with my family. It's all good.

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