Thursday, May 13, 2010

This weekend piling up fast.

ETB offered a closing slot tonight at Friends. Yeah, sure, why not? Was looking forward to having a day/night off before the long weekend, but my bank account will thank me. So next few days as follows:

Thursday: ETB @ Friends
Friday: ETB @ Steel Penny in San Angelo w/Amplified Heat
Saturday: Mother Truckers private event, then ETB @ Antone's

Driving straight back after San Angelo rather than hang with the Heat boys so I can be well-rested (and on time) for Saturday.

Have talked to Richard from ETB about playing drums for the solo one-off and he's down. Talked to Tank (Ironclad bassist) as well, but he is too busy with the studio and various projects. Called Heather Webb from Adrian and the Sickness and waiting to hear back. Also talked to Michael from ETB about maybe doing some horn on certain songs, couple of tunes have a rhythm guitar and 2 melody lines, will sound empty without all 3. Guitar/saxophone melodies would be pretty fucking cool.

If I can have a line-up by the weekend I can e-mail tracks and start working with the players first thing next week. Figure a 6-song/30 minute set is an attainable goal. If it can be done w/o too much hassle, awesome. But if it does not come together easily, will have to put it off for now. Thinking of billing it as Danny G's OCEAN OF STARS, as it will be a 100% solo project rather than more of a brainchild project like Ironclad.

Last night with ETB @ BD Riley's was a good day at the office, to say the least. Semi-private party w/a guarantee as well as people dumping the contents of their wallets into the tip tub. One guy left a $100 bill. Awesome.

Fun show, good crowd. Had our bro Casey Epps sing a few tunes. During the shot walk Eric gave his guitar to his friend Alan who solo'd over 'How Many More Times'. I then handed Eric my bass who took it from there. Then Alan handed me the guitar and I solo'd for awhile. Good times! Came home with enough money to cover what I owe on rent + utilities + internet, and still have money in my wallet and an un-cashed check from video production work last month.

Realized one thing last night, I need a fuckin hair cut bad. Gettin too long. I know it's too long when I wear it tied back all the time and I get lazy about combing it. Getting to where it not only gets caught in my tuning pegs/under fretted notes/sticks to my face/gets inhaled when I try to sing, but summer is already here in Central Texas and it's just too fuckin hot to have such a Cousin Itt mop of tangles and fuck knots. Will talk to Deanna's friend Erin about a trim.

Will take the rest of the day off til the gig, was thinking of mowing and maybe taking Nacho running. Fuck that, I really need to rest.

Bill Webb at Austin Vintage will be calling later today re: the wiring of my stricken Isovent cab. With the next few weekends being quite lucrative may actually have money for new speakers. That and discovered the annoying rattling from the low E tuning key on my bass is not from the key housing, but from the actual key part being loose in the tuner. Well shit. Fixed it punk rock style with some duct tape, seems to be working so far, and looks much less obvious than a piece of paper jammed behind the key.

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