Saturday, June 18, 2011

Greetings from NYC!

Past few days have been grueling, not gonna lie. Montpelier gig was a bust all around, just a bad deal in general. It happens. Staff was great, but had 90db sound limit so of course Eric had to turn down. Heading toawards NYC after the gig without enough $$ for a hotel, so slept in the van at a rest stop. Started raining and thunder soon as we parked.

Stopped for laundry in White Plains then on to Mercury Lounge in the Lower East side. Thunder rolling in, rain imminent. Past the venue and broco'd the van on bumps, fucked up front end. That will need out attention. Loaded in the rain with the help of another band, I let them use my bass for their soundcheck and they wanted to return the favor.

Had a sandwich in the van, that a banana and a free donut from some guy at the rest stop were all I ate yesterday. Hence my mood and energy level. Sleepingin the van didn't help. But gig did. Played a short blistering set an blew the doors off the place. Felt much better after that. Beers afterwards, met @mrdavehill from Twitter, who was playing the late show.

Headed into New Jersey w/no hotel lined up. That was a mistake but was over for th night. After many wrong turns, false leads and frayed nerves found a Holiday Inn Exress in Jersey City. Have a hotel res for tonight and have had 2 full meals today, so still tired and worn out but feeling better.

2 sets tonight at Stout NYC. Rock on!

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