Monday, June 6, 2011

Greetings from Madison WI.

My internet has been spotty as we've been at Eric's parents' place in Richland Center. Will begin recap prolly next few days, need to upload camera and phone pics.

So far so good. Van problems which are being remedied. Shows cut short or cancelled. Good venues and shitholes. Gear failure, coyote hunts and run-ins with locals. Good times.

At the High Noon Saloon tonite. Great stage, great sound! Everyone real nice. Sitting at the restauran nearby for hopefully discounted or comped dinner. My wireless tranmitter is fucking up, thought it was battery snap but no dice. Sucks cause crowd walks are a big part of our show. Guess it'll be barrel connector and extra cord, again. Should be a good show, Eric's old stomping grounds, or close to them at least.

Fuck yeah, this site now has a visible cursor so editing won't be a pain in the ass. Hello more blog updates! Sweet.

More to come....

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