Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fri June 24, 2011

Thunder in the Valley, Johnstown PA.

Boss Hoss tour shirts came in rght on shedule. Awesome. Got to Sleep in, ok. Bikers already pulling in and lawn chairs/coolers in grass next to hotel, bbq pit chained to a light pole.

For Thursday we rolled into biker rally/stage are and the skies opened just as we got to soundbooth tent. Pissing down. Then it stopped so we pulled in behind stage to load. Got 1/3 done and pissing down again. Had to wait and load right onto stage. Decent crowd for the weather. MJ the Pennsylvania superfan there with husband. Good set despite Rob playing w/out drum rug. He was chasing his kit all over the stage. I used both my 2x15's and it was indeed Thunder in the Valley.

Weather better for Friday. Johnstown has a really cool downtown. Lost in time, despite having been wiped out by biblical floods several times in the past.

Much better crowd this time! Hundreds watching from various vantage points. Rob had remedied the drum rug situation and was much happier. Started to sprinkle, causing all but diehards to run for the big tent. But then stopped by next song. For our closer "Voodoo Child" I asked everyone to come up front. "It's a biker rally, the rain has stopped and this is our last song!" And it actually worked, heh! 50+ people BAM up front. Would have felt like a dumbass had no one listened...

But great set, hung out and had drinks with Todd from Flood City Fest. Good times. Got back to hotel and full blown party next to building. Nice!!!

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