Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greetings from Chicopee MA!

Not sure where the hell we are, en route to Boston for gig at Church of Boston tomorrow and hopfully vocal tracking for Chicago soundstage recordings. We are here cause the brakes went out.

Russ driving, suddenly he's pushing the pedal to the floor to slow down. We pull over and Eric pulls th tire. Brakeline came loose. He fixed but clamps holding calipers going so still wonky. I direct us via phone GPS to an Autozone in the ghetto. That was interesting but not as bad as sounded. They also didn't have caliper so Eric replaced shoes on both front tires in 24 minutes flat. Good to have a mechanic in the band. Found another place at closing for caliper, got that on in a truckstop parking lot.

So after about 4 hours Boss Hoss was good to go and we were back on the road. Morale still good, getting to the meat and bones of this leg of dates. Need to get on my laptop and post pics.

Until then, will report in when I can.

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