Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greetings from Horseheads NY

Heading to Boston today, play there tomorrow. Drove all day from Brighton MI to get here. Played at Jake's Bar downtown. Another gig that well-exceeded low expectations. PA this time but no stage. We set up in two nooks by the front door. Brad the owner wanted to keep dart machine running on my side, but that proved to be an impossibility. Brad was great and very accommodating. Gig went well, not huge crowd but people there digging it. Walking the crowd a drunk lady grabbed the back of my pants to pull m towards her. Then she grabbed my boxers and tried to give mea wedgie... wtf?!? She later fell and ate shit at the bar. Karma.

Aftershow hijinks not nearly as legendary as 2 nights ago in Brighton, which was caught on video. Hung out with some good people and a few annoying drunks at the bar. Brad paid us extra in addition to our guarante. Thanks man! Same thing hapened in Brighton the prev night, paid a bonus to guarantee + tips. Made these last two nights quite profitable. Good deal.

Boston, you are next!

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