Friday, July 1, 2011

Mon June 27, 2011

Well at least the drive from OH to Pittsburgh was a short little jaunt. We were all feeling a little frazzled so NOT spending all day in the van plus a day off was a treat.

Pittsburgh has a really awesome downtown. 2 rivers coverging with many yellow steel bridges spanning them, high cliffs on all sides, and the city planners really went nuts on the architecture. And in a good way. We were able to get the club rate on the Courtyard Marriot downtown for 2 nights. Sweet! And unlike most stupid-expensive hotels, the room internet was free. Awesome.

Spent the day with MJ our superfan and her husband and daughter. They treated us to beer and bbq, a formal sit-down dinner of steaks. Was awesome, wish we could show more appreciation than we already have. Fans like that really help us out, not only for feeding us and working as a street team, but that kind of moral support really goes a long way.

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