Friday, July 1, 2011

Tues June 28, 2011

Pittsburgh PA at Thunderbird Cafe

Actually all the pics I posted on the previous entry I took on this day, as Monday was too drained to do much else but hang at MJ's. So this was the day I felt up to takin. Pic-walk. No biggie for continuity's sake.

Thunderbird Cafe was a small, cool, weird little place. Split into 3 levels, so had to load up a half flight of stairs. No biggie. Small stage and small band area, not counting the back upstairs lounge area. Sounded really good tho as wood stages usually do.

Decent crowd considering we didn't know what to expect, and small places are easier to fill \m/, One group of people saw us a Thunder in the Valley and reserved the front table. MJ and family grabbed the one next to it. Believe we opened with the shuffle walkaround, a cover-medley of a buncha songs which we segue into an instrumental jam of "How Many More Times" by Led Zeppelin. All with Eric walking around the bar via his wireless unit and me eventually joining him out there for a shot. My wireless unit's been fucked since Minneapolis early in the tour, so unfortunately my extendo-cord didn't reach the back bar.

Fun show to best of my recollection. Got done and crowd demanding an encore despite Eric ripping the strings off his '59 strat at the end. He has other guitars, heh.

Spent rest of evening drinking at bar and hanging with locals. Another show where we made a great impression and sold a decent amt of merch.

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