Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thur June 30, 2011

Dover NH @ Fury's Publick House

So after Sellersville we piled into Boss Hoss, Russ at the wheel. He'd been drinking coffee all set so was good to go. Crazy how early the sun rises up here. First light at 4am, sun fucking UP at 5:45am. He drove all night and only pulled over because the sun was right in his face. I did my best to stay up as copilot but dozed a few times. Slept in the van at a rest stop. Sucked. Felt like shit. Stopped at a park to kill time before hotel check in. Bautiful path thru a grove of pines, and a pool that cost $7 to get in. Got a little more sleep at the hotel we got in Ballerica MA. I only know the city now as I write. Spent most of day not knowing what city, let alone state, I was in. Was kinda nice.

Was just out of it all day long. Weird de ja vu feeling from constant broken dream fragments and being totally worn out. Found the venue in Dover ok. Weren't sure we were actually on the bill until we got there. Show details were a little sketchy. But opening band, then us. Day was a blur and trying to remember it.

Small place, wood stage. Not sure what to expect crowdwise. Opener had some people, that was good. They were nice, playing with them again in Ogunquit ME.

We piled onto the small stage. Put the monitor on my SVT case to make more room onstage. Opened with the shuffle walkaround into "How Many More Times" and instantly blew everyone's minds. Rob called the funkified Muddy Waters cover we do to keep the people dancing. Good call. I like the freedom of this band, when we have lots of time to fill and no fixed setlist. Play what we feel. Crowd loved it, good times.

The owner of the Levitt theater where we play Sat was there, he's our good friend Taylor Perkins' dad. Gave us an envelope of "spending money" end of night. We hope it is a tip and not the other half of our guarantee that night... that will totally catch us up from the brink of financial riun...

So I took the wheel and we got Denny's end of night as we couldn't afford to eat at the venue. Was delish!

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