Friday, July 1, 2011

Sun June 26, 2011

Spent Sunday on a white-knuckle ride on 311 thru the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA headed up to Pittsburgh. Was beautiful but harrowing, all hairpin turns and steep grades. Seemed less miles, but in hindsight wouldn't have taken that road in the van had we known what we were in for. Don't get m wrong, it was amazing. But it's also the kind of drive that wears you down as a driver (Eric) and a passenger alike.

Drove all freakin day, only to find there is no Chase Bank in Pittsburgh, or anywhere in PA. Suck, because a hotel deal on Priceline requires a credit or debit card. We had the cash just no means to deposit. And by the time we realized our predicament, it was too late to book anyway. Fuck.

Nearest Chase Bank was an hour away in Steubenville OH. Shit. So we piled back in, deposited some money (me enough to cover already-late phone bill). Found a hotel there and admitted defeat for the night.

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