Friday, July 1, 2011

Wed June 29, 2011

Sellersville PA @ Sellersville Theater

5 hour drive across Pennsylvania. Pretty much nothing to us now with some of the rides we've been on past month, and living in Austin, the Lonestar State is 4.5 to 9 hours in ever direction.

I've been to Sellersville before, when I was teching for King's X in 2009. When I saw the date for ETB I could picture the venue and the surrounding area clearly in my mind. Hell I even wrote about it in my blog here, look it up! Nice to return to a place and PLAY this time, heh.

Anyway, Sellersville Theater has been around since 1894. They show movies, have bands, and when we rolled up there was a girls dance recital just getting out of practice. Dawn the stage mgr and Dan (?) the soundguy were both awesome. Sounded fucking EPIC during soundcheck. Great to play a real venue with awesome sound system and nice stage. Best monitor system I've come across in awhile, heh.

Dawn took us to the Washington House Resaurant, built in 1896. Super swank and high end, as well as historic. $35 per man meal voucher, so we all had the finest meal of the tour. Much improved over Wendy's earlier that day. Has Asian glazed salmon with fried rice/edamame beans/cabbage/buncha other shit. Was amazing. On the way we asked about crowd projections. She said I ain't gonna lie, it'll be slow. Honesty ---> respect.

While eating, we noticed a guy scoping us, a fan who wanted to talk but didn't want to be rude and interupt our dinner. Which earned him extra points in my book. If you know anything about touring, if you see musicians sitting down to eat, that may very well be their first actual meal that day or perhaps several.

But he caught us as we were leaving. Took us into the parking lot to sign a guitar he just bought for said purpose. Wow. His name was Bob, was diabetic which limited his mobility, so he didn't get to shows much. But he appreciated us taking time to talk to him. Shit, he is paying to see us in a city we've never played and bought a guitar so we could be first to sign. You don't be a dick and blow such individuals off. Really bad form and lack of appreciation for the people responsible for us even havin music careers. Fans. We love them.

Had an actual green room as well. After awhile on the road you don't want to be in the venue, and you don't want to sit in the van. Green rooms serve as a happy medium. Had a shower and everything. Nice!

Anyway, we did one 2 hour set as opposed to 2 60's. And for never playing there before and a $15 cover, we had 40+ people there. Nice!!! Had a great show tho I felt a little off from lack of alcohol consumption. 1 or 2 beers really help grease the wheel so I don't have to think so much. Sounds weird but true. But great set and great crowd response despite everyone sitting down.

Met and hung with locals and staff after, they all loved us. Good night merchwise as well. An guess who came out again,Phil the superfan from Albany who's been following us around like the Grateful Dead minus the acid. Thanks Phil, you rock! Probably see you again in next few gigs \m/,

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