Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RPM update

The album is finshed, being recorded at least. Just touched up a few guitar parts on the last song 'Krim: The Sound of Kali" which I wrote imrov by request from good friend Karen Slafter. It's 9 minutes long, and other than the minor tweaks was written and remains as is.

Now to mix it down and create some artwork. Thinking of calling it 'Leap of Faith.' Just a fitting phase that popped into my head yesterday. Now to call the first song that or be really melodramatic and title it "Leap of Faith: Symphony in D Standard." It's my album, so fuck you I'll do what I want. Heh!

Mixdown should be quick. I've already been remixing these songs the last 2 weeks and know where I want to go with them.

Yeah. Feeling now a bit more like myself after running myself into the ground trying to finish it amongst a full multiple band schedule. The aforemention-in-this-blog neglect of eating properly caught up with me big time Sunday afternoon.

ETB played a double previous night. Stomach wonky most of afternoon, half a bowl of cereal before tracking drums. Went straight from Music Lab to pick up Triniti from work at Tattoo 23. She stopped me outside the van, gave me a grave look and said, "Are you OK? Your color is really weird."

So we went postehaste to Threadgill's for a big meatloaf dinner for me. Was feeling malnourished at that point. My musician's hunter/gatherer metabolism can keep me running on fumes for only so long before I can feel my body start to devour itself.

Then tracked bass for4 hours before ETB Monday residency last night. Needless to say I spent most of today in a zombie state until finally making a grocery run later in the afternoon. Cooked myself a big hamburger for the protein and starting to feel myself again for the first time in many days.

All in all, I feel I made a really good and worthwhile album. And it ain't done yet.

Back to work.

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